How to protect yourself from coronavirus

With over 2000 confirmed deaths, COVID-19 is arguably the worst viral infection to ever hit the globe. It started out like a normal zoonotic disease in the city of  Wuhan China but right now it has shaken the nerves of almost every country with citizens being extra vigilant on the types of measures its country is putting in place to curb this deadly monster. This infection has come as a double tragedy to the Chinese as they have to fight both the virus and stigma as they are highly isolated and regarded as the virus carriers which isn’t always true. Before we get into too much relevant gossip, lets take a quick look at the latest coronavirus stats.

Currently confirmed cases: 32,698

Cumulative confirmed cases: 80, 175

Deaths: 2,195

Recovered cases: 44,562

Most affected countries: Taiwan, Thailand, Australia, Malaysia, Singapore, France, South Korea, United States, Vietnam, Japan, Canada, Italy and Nepal.


Preventive measures

1. Stay at home, avoid planes(due to circulation of air) buses, trains and other busy areas.

2. No visitors, avoid close contact with symptomatic peoe or potential carriers

3. Don’t share utensils eg cups, spoons and plates.

4. Avoid hand greeting and instead engage in brief verbal greetings like “hi”, noding or waving.

5. Wear a quality medical mask.

6. Wrap around glasses. The virus’ entry point is the mucous membrane hence it can also get in through the eyes.

7. Wear gloves and observe meticulous hand hygiene.

8. Don’t touch nose, eyes and mouth.

9. Avoid hospitals or limit hospital visits.

10. Boost your immunity by consuming more fruits and vegetables which are a rich source of vitamin C.

11. Keep warm. The virus can live longer in cold and tends to float in low humidity air hence can easily be inhaled.

12. Thoroughly cook meat and eggs.

13. Sneeze controllably or use a handkerchief.


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