Learn coronavirus basics in 3 minutes.

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    What is coronavirus?

    COVID-19 is a respiratory illness caused by a virus. In this case, the virus has manifested itself in a new strain that has never been discovered before. This strain is zoonotic(affects both animals and humans. However, there are other strains of coronavirus that aren't zoonotic.
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    Mortality rate

    COVID-19 has a mortality rate of 2% meaning that 98% of its victims have a chance of surviving. This mortality rate is much less compared to SARS which has a mortality rate of 10% and Ebola with 70%.
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    COVID-19 is transmitted through inhalation of air contaminated with the virus. Being in close contact with COVID-19 victim for 15+ minutes also increases your susceptibility. Sharing of utensils can also lead to its transmission.
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    ✓Fever ✓Dry cough ✓Sore throat ✓Shortness of breath
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    Severity of COVID-19

    Severe cases tend to be in vulnerable individuals with underlying health conditions. 1 in 5 cases can become severe leading to pneumonia, acute respiratory illnesses and death.
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    Unfortunately, there is no permanent cure currently for COVID-19. However, COVID-19 vaccine is being developed and hopefully it will be available before more people perish. Treating COVID-19 symptoms can also help in subsidizing its severity. Consuming foods rich in vitamin C (ascorbic acid ) helps in boosting immunity and hence builds natural immunity against the virus.
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    Are the face masks safe?

    Surgical face masks only bar transmission through the mouth and nose but not through the eyes(eyes also have mucous membrane which is the chief entry point of this mysterious virus.

COVID-19 preventive measures.

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