Toxins on your lips. Unbelievable side effects of lipsticks.

Lipsticks are a woman’s most important and favourite cosmetic. Well selected, applied and skin-matching lipstick can indeed make a lady to look like an angel. However, most lipsticks contain lead(Pb), a heavy metal capable of accumulating in the body without being flushed out and causing cancer in later years.

Harmful side effects of using lipstick regularly

1. The common preservative used in lipsticks is formaldehyde and sometimes prabens. These ingredients cause eye & skin irritation, coughing and wheezing. One more fact, when water comes into contact with formaldehyde, it forms formalin, an organic compound used in preservation of dead bodies. Think about it.

2. Lead is harmful to the nervous system – Lead, a component of most lipsticks, is a neurotoxin that has harmful effects to the nervous system. It can also cause hormonal imbalance, brain damage and infertility.

3. Heavy metals present in lipsticks causes renal failure – Lipsticks contain Cadmium (Cd), magnesium (Mg) and chromium (Cr). These metals (especially Cd) have been linked to renal failure.

Now get me right, you may have used lipsticks for a long time without acquiring any illness, that’s fine, but remember that most of these compounds accumulate in the body for very long periods of time and the impacts might come when you are less likely to link it to your previous use of lipsticks. For some people, they feel the impacts within a short time after using them while others never experience any impact.

According to Dr. Rasya Dixit, a consultant dermatologist and cosmetologist who has been in the private practice in the last 15 years, dark coloured lipsticks release pigments to the epidermis causing lips to go dry, crack and eventually lead to pigmentation. To minimize these effects, she advised lipstick users to first moisturize their lips using lipbalm before applying lipstick while ensuring that you use dark coloured lipsticks less often. After removing the lipstick using appropriate removers, ensure you hydrate your lips before going to bed. At this moment, you should avoid pigmenting liquids like tea and coffee.

This article isn’t meant to discourage you about lipsticks but instead to make you to buy high quality lipsticks that are free from toxins and to make you to follow safety precautions when using lipsticks.

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