5 latest tech inventions that you’ll love.

All these devices are available on Amazon.

  • Fridge Eye

    It's a smart and convenient camera that is compatible with most refrigerators. Simply embed it at the inner side of your fridge and pair it up with your fridge eye app. With this device installed, you'll be able to have all of your fridges stats anywhere and at any time. When shopping, just tap on the fridge eye app and you'll get a full view of your fridge that's at home immediately. This is a sure end to shopping stickers and product refferences. Fridge eye will make you to buy only out of stock products hence minimizing wastage and saving the environment.


  • Printbrush XDR

    This is an inkjet printer for smartphones that uses RMPT technology to print. You can print anything on any type of surface and make your furniture or any other object in your home/office attractive with printbrush.


  • Taser pulse

    A security gadget that is equiped with neuromascular incapacitation that immobilizes an attacker. Simply put, it's a shock emitting weapon that resembles a normal gun. It has laser at the front that helps with accurate aiming of the bull's eye.


  • Chasing Dory

    A small but the most efficient underwater drone. We've been adventurers enough above the skies and now it's time to give underwater a try. Dory is quite small; measuring about 188mm wide, 247mm long and 98mm high. It's tethered with a WiFi device that floats on the water so that you can consistently receive signals


  • Helios Touch

    The world's first modular touch wall lighting. It enables you to illuminate and decorate your wall the way you want. The hexagonal modules can be attached to surfaces using sticky pads. After correctly constructing the modules, they will give a beautiful glow that am sure you'll love.


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