Jobs for Industrial, analytical, forensic, environmental and pure Chemistry graduates

Whether you’ve graduated or not, knowing where your degree will be appreciated is very important and fulfilling as well. Being a chemist, I know that earning that precious paper in this discipline is not a joke at all and really demanding. The only consolation to such a tussle is one, a promising job in the future. However, this is not always the case as there is a suffocating lack of information and references on chemistry job opportunities. This makes most chemistry students hopeless about their future and some may even consider inter-faculty transfer. However the real story is completely opposite, the market is flooded with a wide variety of Chemistry jobs and the only barrier is your qualification percentage. Most of these jobs aren’t well advertised hence you may not get them in common job advertising sites. Most companies prefer graduates from particular universities hence be Keen when choosing which university to study in. However, this doesn’t mean that you’ll not get a job if you study in other universities, it only means that your chances will be a bit lower comparatively.

Required skills

✓Analysis and problem solving.

✓Time management and organization.

✓Writing and communication.

✓Good mathematics background.

✓Monitoring and keeping records.


✓Research and presentation.

✓IT and technology.


Jobs and careers

Depending on your area of specialization or what you’re good at, you have the chance of becoming any of the following:

✓Analytical chemist.

✓Agro chemist.

✓Chemical engineer.

✓Healthcare scientist.

✓Forensic acientist.


✓Research scientist.


✓Medical and clinical lab  tech.


✓Inorganic chemist.

One of the best ways to begin your career as a chemist is by becoming a lab tech then making your way up to senior positions. You can always become a college lab tech easily in your own college if you behaved well and excelled in academics.

Lab Technologists.

Lab techs are needed in a range of sectors including medical labs, biotechnology labs, environmental labs etc. Lab techs are skilled workers who perform highly technical, mechanical or diagnostic tests in medical, analytical or scientific labs.

Entry level chemists

Their salaries vary with regions but in  USA it’s averagely $44,000 annually.

Analytical chemists

These chemists use diverse range of methods to investigate the chemical nature of substances and how they behave under different conditions. In a pharmaceutical company for example, you’ll be involved throughout the drug development process as you study the physical and chemical properties of drugs and their formulations. Typical employers include: Agrochemical companies, biotechnology companies, chemical manufacturers, environmental agencies, government agencies, food companies, petrochemical companies and pharmaceutical companies.

Areas of work include:

✓Drug formulation and development.

✓Forensic analysis.

✓Process development.

✓Product validation.

✓Quality control.


Analytical chemists earn an average of $71,700 annually. The highest earners get $126,000 while the lowest get $41,000 annually.

Agro chemists.

They combine biology and chemistry knowledge to improve crop production.

Food and beverage companies

In such companies, you are likely to to implement techniques such as go: improve quality assurance and quality control.

Inorganic chemists

They look at the behavior and structures of different molecules and this knowledge can be used in mining, Geo sciences and production of semiconductors.

Tips to landing a job. 

✓Study hard and smart.

✓Study with students who are smarter or more talented than you.

✓Build a good relationship with your professors.

✓Join chemistry clubs in your school.

✓Interview working chemists.

✓Join a lab as a lab technologist.

✓Get your name on a publication.

✓Seek internship.

✓Rearch at your school.

✓Visit a career center.

✓Attend on-campus career fair.

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