Businesses that are blooming amidst COVID-19 pandemic.

Owing to the high infection rate of COVID-19, governments across the world have closed down almost 90%  of businesses so as to minimize interactions. The sporting world is the worst hit with some competitions being forced to halt at the final stages of preparation like the Tokyo 2020 Olympics and a major golf tournament in Kenya. However, some businesses remain unaffected while others seem to be blooming. Take a look at these 10 businesses and feel free to add others in the comment section below.

1. Pharmaceutical industry

Of all the businesses, this is the last business that governments can think of closing. The outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic means that hospitals will be less interested in patients with other illnesses and because private hospitals charge an arm and a leg, the last option that such patients have is pharmacies. Others will rush to purchase immune boosters while some fear COVID-19 presence in hospitals hence they’ll all end in pharmacies. However, this is one time when professionalism is highly appreciated because these customers have already converted pharmacists to doctors hence you’ll have to provide the same services that the doctor would have provided.

2.The textile industry.

From mega textile companies to mini tailors, the job is only one, making masks. These medical masks come at different prices depending on only one thing, quality. For example, a single filter mask retails at $1 while a double filter mask retails at $4.5. Stylish masks may cost as much as $10. Marketing is not a problem because instead of you looking for customers, the customers are looking for you. Some need them because they’re concerned while others are just avoiding handcuffs but non of these should be your worry apart from making money.

3. Detergents and alcohol industries.

No business is permitted without a small water tank and an alcohol based hand sanitizer. Some breweries have turned completely into making sanitizers and disinfectants while others have increased their capacity to do so. Detergents are also highly sought after as they are an appropriate substitute for sanitizers while others just want to highten their hygiene. This business is not left only for big companies because you can also do it as an individual by mixing appropriate reagents and selling them in water bottles.

4. The food industry.

With almost the whole family at home, nutritious food is needed in plenty. There is high demand for food especially fruits and vegetables in urban areas and anyone within the supply chain has a reason to smile. Whether you want to do the farming or be a broker you’ll reap big.

5. The media industry.

Everyone wants to know what’s happening both nationally and globally. Is Trump still recommending sanitizer injections to treat covid?, Has Italy’s death toll reduced?, Is the vaccine out?,…… All these questions are answered by the various media platforms and it means that so many people are either watching, listening or browsing. More audience means more advertisers will come your way. However, declining economy means that potential advertisers might shun away.

6. Online jobs.

Working online is by far the only job that you can do without risking covid covid contraction. The best online jobs right now include the following:

  1. Online teaching.
  2. Online life coaching.
  3. Online marketing eg jumia, kilimall.
  4. App making.
  5. Affiliate marketing.
  6. Blogging.
  7. Vlogging.




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